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Hi! I'm Gabriel Essiambre.

Passionate about music and technology, I've developed a wide range of skills related to sound production over the years. Having followed an atypical path mixing music and administration, I have both a concrete and abstract vision of musical production, which allows me to stand out in the way I work.

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, I'm as comfortable behind a drum set as with a guitar in my hands. I specialize in music production and I'm also capable of acting as a sound engineer. I've worked as a technical director on the album “L'Autre” by singer-songwriter Mathilde Duval-Laplante, as a sound engineer for guitarist Antoine Bensoussan and I also wrote the soundtrack of the video game Red Trigger, which has reached more than 200,000 downloads on Steam. I love bringing my colleagues' vision to fruition and I have an exceptional attention to detail.

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