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This privacy policy describes how your personal information and files are treated when you do business with Studio Gessiambre.


Personal information


Studio Gessiambre collects personal information when you complete the contact request form and/or place an order on the online store or for any other reason. 


The personal information that Studio Gessiambre may collect in these situations is as follows:


Your name; 

Your email address;

Your postal details; 

Your home and/or office and/or cell phone number;

Various information on your projects.


Generally speaking, Studio Gessiambre uses your personal information to process service requests received as well as provide estimates.


Your personal information will never be shared with third parties and is used exclusively to provide you a service.


In an exceptional case where Studio Gessiambre would be forced to call on a third party to complete your project. Your information will only be shared if we receive your consent.


Project files


Studio Gessiambre may collect audio or other files as part of its service offering. These files will be archived for a period of 6 months following completion of the order and will subsequently be destroyed.


If you would like Studio Gessiambre not to keep any files relating to your project, please specify this and the appropriate measures will be taken.


Last updated: February 24, 2024

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